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5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story

You have a story to tell. We all have a story to tell. Something that’s happened to us. A season of joy. A period of grief. Some journey we’ve experienced. As a survivor of life's challenges, your story is worth sharing. Testimony is a powerful force in this world.

1. Share your story to heal: Sharing your story heals by opening up to the feelings that are still trapped inside a deep place in your heart. The process of sharing your story opens up the door to let the emotions go and slowly the heaviness lifts.

 2. We reflect on what’s happened: When we share our stories, we have to intentionally reflect on what has happened in our lives. It forces us to step back and build the plot line, seeing it from a bird’s eye view. Sometimes we’ll gain fresh perspective or insight into our experiences. We recollect the feelings involved, the major and minor events, how we responded, and what God did.

3. We breathe hope into others going through similar things: When we share about what we are going through or have gone through, we invite others to feel hope. If nothing else, we allow others the hope of not being alone. It’s refreshing when we’ve been struggling with something and hear about someone else struggling with it, too. It’s like taking a deep breath. We feel like we have solidarity, even if it’s with a person we don’t even know.

4. Testimonies are a community garden: Our stories are not ours to keep. They are a testament to God’s power in our lives, yes, but they are also teaching what he is capable of doing in others. A story about how God healed a woman from cancer shows us God is capable of performing that miracle in someone else. When a man shares about how he’s lived with a debilitating illness for years and still worships God through the pain–we see that God is also capable of invoking trust, adoration, and peace in someone else facing pain. Our stories, both big and small, are cultivated in community. Why not give them back?

5. We bring glory to God: God is glorified when we share what He’s done in our lives. He is glorified when we humbly share about Him and His purposes being accomplished on this earth through everyday, ordinary people.

You have a story. It's time to share it!

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